By Motu Vera This is a film about growth and beauty and love. Never stop moving no matter what obstacles you face. You can get through anything. I heard this song Dare You To Move by Switchfoot. And it made me realize how much moving really means. Why do we wait and stand still? If we were always moving– always growing– we would never have any regrets. We all want to grow as much as we can and that means never stopping forward. Those who dream, move. Find what you would do if you had no time left and move towards it. Think about it. When you were a baby, determined to stand and to walk, you didn’t give up. And now you run one way or another. We were meant to move. Internally, externally, it doesn’t matter. Find your direction and run for it. Adversity is only temporary and can always be overcome. Be your own person. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re passionate about what you’re doing. Move others, grow. Do things out of your comfort zone and push past them. Find what you love… and move. I move in parkour and in people. Love is what we live for.
Dare you to Move – Switchfoot
I do not own the rights to any songs used in this video.

Source: Motu Vera

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