By World Freerunning Parkour Federation As we continue to grow and develop the KO line, our aim is to create pieces that move beyond traditional parkour clothing to deliver unique yet functional garments that embody the style of these athletes who wear them. We believe that if you’re torn between training or going out in your new gear, we’re killing it.

Celebrating the birth of our new site, we’re bringing back a classic for fall. We’ve placed only the best reflective gold foil on our ultra comfortable black crewneck and white v-neck tees for a look that’s pure class. Put it on and you will turn heads.

Claim one for yourself at

Two of our newly Sponsored Athletes put together this awesome video rocking the new shirts. You should totally check out their channels here:

Christopher Hollingsworth –
Paul Whitecotton –

Source: World Freerunning Parkour Federation

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