By World Freerunning Parkour Federation The Collegiate Parkour and Freerunning Community Edit – 2014. Clips are compiled from submissions to the 2014 Collegiate Parkour and Freerunning Film Contest, presented by USAP College. Featuring college parkour groups from across the United States, watch and enjoy!

Groups featured:
Parkour and Freerunning at Indiana University
USC Freerunning (University of Southern California)
BCPK (Boston College)
Champlain Parkour and Freerunning (Champlain College)
Wichita State University Parkour and Freerunning Club
The Parkour Association at UVA (University of Virginia)
Parkour Illinois at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
UMass Parkour (University of Massachusetts — Amherst)
Carolina Movement (University of South Carolina)
ECUPK (East Carolina University Parkour)
Carolina Movement (University of South Carolina)
Rutgers University Parkour
Notre Dame Parkour
UConn Parkour (University of Connecticut)
Creighton University Parkour

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Source: World Freerunning Parkour Federation

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Random Parkour

Our Movement

By Revolution Parkour Most runners hit a wall, we climb over ours. Join us at Revolution Parkour.



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Frontflip tutorial - How to land a front flip

By Motu Vera Front flip tutorial by Motu Vera. 3rd tutorial. Learn how to frontflip. Sorry it’s so late. What should our next tutorial be? Should be able to start getting these out weekly since school’s just about over. Thanks for the support!

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