By Corey Jones This is a sneak peak at what I was able to do on my PS3 with the new 1.9 patch update. First of all, I deleted all the patches from my console. Then I started a new character, got myself to level 15 and acquired the Ogmund Infinium book. Leveled up to 81 (previous level cap) with the book. I spent a couple of hours buying/gathering ingredients. Then I did the Fortify Alchemy + Fortify Restoration loop exploit to create some massively large Fortify Enchanting potions. I drank the potions and made a 4 piece set of Fortify Alchemy apparel. I also made a 4 piece set of Fortify Smithing apparel. I then re-updated the game to have the 1.9 (legendary) patch. Once the game was patched I made smithing, alchemy and speech legendary. Then I used the enchanted gear I made to create massively large random potions from the ingredients I had which would instantly raise my alchemy from 15 to 100, the legendary my skill again; rinse and repeat. Then I did the same thing for smithing; made iron daggers then improved them to instantly raise my skill to 100. The I sold my daggers and potions to raise my speech instantly from 15 to 100. It doesn’t matter that the merchants don’t have the money, selling things that are worth 100,000+ septims will still level you up. I made sure I re-legendaried my skill each time I leveled up to 100. After grinding that out for a while I was able to Get my character to level 252, effectively allowing me to have enough perk points to fill all of my skill trees. My magicka is at 900, health at 1,010 and my stamina at 900. This all took me about 12 hours total from start to finish. I could have done it all in about half the time, but I got distracted doing some exploring at the beginning. Hope you enjoy! Having all the perks is really nice by the way.

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Parkour Infinity Gym: 3606 Cherry Ave. NE. Keizer, OR 97303
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