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Do you experience any knee pain while training parkour? DO you find yourself having to rub your knees before jumps? You feel pain just below the knee caps and when you jump??

If so this is a sign that we are possibly causing damage to our knees during our parkour training. This is definitely not a good sign and we should NOT be experiencing these pains in our training.

This can lead to chronic knees pains and severe knee injuries down the road. So we will want to fix this as soon as possible.

There are several factors for causing knee pain in parkour and it is fairly common for people who train frequently. SO you are not alone if you feel these knee pains.

Some factors include – poor technique – poor diet or sleep – poor flexibility – over training – lack of strength

Today we’re going to show you 1 drill that we can start training to gradually develop the strength and technique with our legs. This drill will specifically focus on our squat strength and our technique for taking drops in parkour.

The stronger our glutes, hamstrings, and quads muscles are the more force and impact these muscles can safely support and avoid having that impact go into our knees.

Train safe,

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