Parkour Strength Training By Ryan Ford

I got this email from Ryan Ford at ParkourEDU about his new book called Parkour Strength Training. I have been following him for awhile. I wanted to share!

If you don’t really want to read the whole email Ryan sent out, check out his book on Amazon here:

Parkour Strength Training: Overcome Obstacles for Fun and Fitness

-Ryan’s Email Start-

Hi There!

When I first got started in parkour, good training methods were hard to find. Back in 2004, it took an entire night to download a video over my dial-up connection. Talk about slow! Can you imagine how frustrating it was to improve without an experienced guide?

What exercises are best for building strength? Which movements should I do to stay injury-free? How do I develop the power to nail explosive skills like jumps and flips?

I had no one to help me answer these questions. My only option was to piece it all together from trial and error, plus whatever nuggets I could find online. Not the safest or smartest way to go about learning parkour.

Fast forward to 2016. I have been teaching parkour for over 10 years, helping tens of thousands of people learn parkour. From the common errors that plague newcomers to the training strategies that help competition level athletes excel, I researched and documented everything. And, as a fruit of that labor, I am stoked to announce that my first book, Parkour Strength Training, launches today!

Parkour Strength Training Book

With 272 pages of exercises, anecdotes, and challenges, this book is guaranteed to catapult your training to the next level. Besides the three most important bodyweight exercises and a ton of other cool concepts, you will learn how to:
Execute the mobility and joint health techniques necessary for safe training
Incorporate ground-based, low obstacle, and high obstacle exercises into your workouts
Master proper climb-up strength and technique using many supplemental exercises
Develop your own training program tailored to your specific needs and goals
Dominate obstacle courses and other competitions
And, thanks to the help of world-class athletes Kira Nguyen and Brandon Douglass, plus my masterful photographer, Justin Sikkema, the imagery is top notch. While only a few people have seen the finished product so far, the response has been great:

“Parkour Strength Training is a long overdue guide and training companion for anyone interested in getting stronger and moving better.”
— Julie Angel, Ph.D., Author of Breaking the Jump and Ciné Parkour

“This book is packed full of great information for the beginner all the way to the Ninja Warrior elite!”
— Brian Arnold, Four-time Finalist on American Ninja Warrior

“Everything you need to take your body and parkour to the next level!”
— Ryan C. Hurst, Program Director of GMB Fitness

If you want to pick up a copy, click this link to get it directly from my publisher. And once you’ve had a chance to digest the wisdom in the book, please be sure to leave a review on Amazon. The first 150 people who post an Amazon review will be emailed the Reward Appendix. To receive this special treat, just email me a screenshot of your review.


Parkour Strength Book
Ryan Ford
Founder: ParkourEDU & APEX Movement

P.S. Tag your videos and photos on social media with #ParkourStrength to share your progress with me. I’ll be looking out for your posts because I’m excited to see how you use the book to advance your training. Start wherever you are and be proud of your gains!
3850 Frontier Ave., Suite 250
Boulder CO 80301

-Ryan’s email end.

Buy his book on Amazon here:

Parkour Strength Training: Overcome Obstacles for Fun and Fitness

I hope you enjoyed this post.
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