Recently we have had some issues with copyright claims, and despite working to fix these issues, we have decided to take the precaution of beginning to shift the main stuntsamazing youtube channel to StuntsAmazingMedia. We are doing this because there is a real threat that our youtube channel could be deleted before we manage to sort out all of these issues, so as a precaution for the worst case scenario, we are trying to shift subscribers over to StuntsAmazingMedia.

Does this mean you should instantly unsubscribe from StuntsAmazing1 when you subscribe to StuntsAmazingMedia? No, we will now be uploading our main content to BOTH of the channels until we get further new on what will be happening to the channel. For now instead of only uploading extra content on StuntsAmazingMedia, it will become another main channel, uploading the same content as StuntsAmazing1. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date, and we will be posting new information soon, and make sure to subscribe to StuntsAmazingMedia so you’re not caught out if anything happens to the channel.

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Random Parkour

Vittel Pub | David Belle (Officiel)

By davbelle Water is life! I hope we don’t have to run after it one day.

This is my official channel! Please subscribe and help me spread Parkour around the world! : ))

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Difference Parkour and Freerunning 2014

By Motu Vera More team training and a short trip to Corvallis. 😀
I do not own the rights to any songs used in this video.
Difference Maker – Needtobreathe

Source: Motu Vera

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To Do List

By kellee johnson i made a to do list for a video and did all of them.

i claim no ownership to this material in anyway. all respective rights belong exclusively to the artist that created the song. so enjoy and support them

Source: Kellee …

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By kellee johnson practiced my round off back full and landed it and landed my back 540

Source: Kellee Johnson

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