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Don’t have any great spots for parkour training? Need a beginner workout to build strength for parkour while also learning basic techniques safely?

Hope you enjoyed the King Kong workout we sent to you on Wednesday, today we’ve got a parkour workout you can do on any picnic table.

We know how tough it can be to find spots to train and drill basics to parkour. My bro and I grew up in the small town of Greenville, way out in east Texas.

But this just means you have to be creative with what you got. In the workout today we show you a great workout for parkour that you can do on any picnic table. Great thing about picnic tables is that you can find them everywhere! Especially at public parks.

This workout is going to build your strength and technique to build into the vaults you are going to learn in parkour.

Train this one over the next few weeks and you are going to see a big improvement in your abs, upper body control, and your ability to vault over obstacles.

Try this one today! If you want to build a strong sculpted body and master your movements in parkour, dedicate yourself to doing workouts like these. You’ll see some amazing results.

Train safe,
Thomas Tapp

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