By TappBrothers In this video we give you 3 tips for Overcoming the Fear of training parkour in front of other people.
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Getting embarrassed, feeling anxiety, or just being afraid to train parkour in a public setting or in front of people is a commonissue for most of us, especially when we are first getting started in our parkour training.

It’s natural that when we are new to something and just picking up the skills we are going to be less confident and when training in front of a lot of people this can compound the feeling.

With parkour being a discipline that is often trained outside in areas that have foot traffic or people around. It’s very important that if we are feeling this anxiety or fear of training in front of others that we get over this to help improve our training and to feel more confident in ourselves when we are in front of others.

So in this video I share with you 3 tips that really helped me get over this fear of training in front of others and how you can use them to quickly eliminate these fears!

As always train safe and see you in the next video!

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