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How to get bigger arms and a bigger chest, how to increase the size of your muscles.

In this video we go over some good training tips and techniques for getting bigger muscles. A lot of us want to get bigger muscles but may not know the best methods to train to guarantee these results. I know I sure didn’t when I was first training.

Training to gain muscle size will be slightly different than training for strength or sport specific physical performance.

The information given is based on results I’ve seen in my own training and the research and scientific studies I’ve reviewed.

Here’s a great website that contains reviews over several studies

I refereed to a lot of their articles and monthly reviews for the information given.

I’m currently happy with the size of my muscles and most of my training is focused on strength gains and sport specific athleticism, however I like to mix up my training and I use parts of these methods quite a bit.

If you stay consistent with your training and use the methods I recommend in the video you are guaranteed to see an increase in muscle size. But remember it takes time and dedication. It’ll take several weeks to months before you start seeing noticeable gains. It takes time for the muscles to build.

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