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Every time you do a bad climb up, somewhere in the world, a kitten spontaneously combusts. Unless you are mindfully practicing your technique and then those supple, baby felines are safe. Save the kitties by improving your climb ups with intelligent practice.
Starting in a static cat hang position is the most common way that people practice climb ups. However, it’s important to practice climb ups from a variety of other movements such as wall runs (AKA wall pass / passe muraille) and cat leaps (AKA arm jump / saut de bras).

The goal of the cat hop (small cat leap) to climb up drill is to master your ability to quickly and smoothly absorb to straight arms and then powerfully rebound into the climb up. A small (NOT BIG!) cat leap allows you to focus on a high quality transition from absorbing (eccentric contraction) to rebounding (concentric contraction). Mastering this smooth, powerful transition is the main goal of the cat hop to climb up. You can increase the distance of the initial jump as long as you maintain a smooth, fast transition from absorbing to rebounding.

If done right, this drill will result in a more powerful climb up than when starting in a static, cat hang position. The extra power comes from the lengthening of your muscles and tendons under load followed by their natural response to recoil back to their original shapes, meaning that this drill is a great plyometric exercise for developing pulling power in the upper body. By mastering this drill, you will also be able to more quickly link climb ups into longer movement sequences and obstacle courses.

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