By Ryan Ford Along with Brandon Halpin (9.75 sec.), head coach at APEX Movement Boulder, and Dylan Baker (9.71 sec.), APEX Movement pro team member, Jesse Clark (9.92 sec.), co-founder of APEX Movement Fort Collins, is only the 3rd member of the sub-10s club for the 5 climb-ups test. What’s your time on the 5 climb-up test? Give it a shot and post up a video of your effort. Tag me so I can see how you did.

Jesse just finished up the first test run of my Parkour Power program. While this program focused on developing leg power, we also dedicated about 25% of the training to upper body pulling and pushing power. The result is that Jesse improved from 10.5 sec. to 9.92 sec. in the 5 climb-up test despite rarely training actual climb ups. .58 sec. may not seem like a lot, but for someone who already had such a solid climb-up, it’s a decent gain for a small amount of training.

With Jesse, we focused mainly on better rebounding power from the bottom cat hang position as his footwork, knee drive, and other technical components were near perfect. We also worked on LVL 4 climb ups (not shown in this video), which he accomplished for the first time.

See, learn, and do. One of the best ways to improve your own practice is by studying the best performers out there. Take what you can from this video and apply it to your own climb-up technique.

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